Damn, you Fancy

More often than not, we tend to be drawn by some outside force pulling its power into our world, bringing us towards other companies and people who are crazy just like us. This has worked well, resulting in collaborations that are unique and unexpected – just like we are. Sometimes it’s working with a band to make a beer so funky it’s never been done before (cough cough, Compression), other times it’s working with artisans to make our dreams, that we didn’t even know existed, come alive.

Connecting with Damn Handsome Grooming Co. was one of those serendipitous happenings that led to fantastic things. The company, started by a husband and wife duo, put their love of craft beer to good use after making the realization that this industry had what the grooming product industry lacked – healthy, natural ingredients. Uninspired by the daily grind of the marketing world, Jarrett and his wife Bridget decided to take the leap and began to experiment with crafting handmade goods for the modern man. Damn Handsome was born.

A natural fit for our brewtique, Damn Handsome crafts products for the mustached, bearded, and clean shaven men walking through our doors at Short’s Mart. But something has always been missing. What about the ladies? Well, it turns out Damn Handsome had considered this too, in fact, pretty much from their inception the Kalamazoo based business had hoped to introduce women’s products. A desire that was never able to come to fruition, until now.

Products this fine are deserving of a debut with say, 3,000 or so guests, give or take. That’s why Damn Fancy is launching at The Short’s Anniversary Party XII, on April 30th. Jarrett and Bridget will be showcasing their brand new wares for the very first time this Saturday – and gaining a bit of inspiration for future products, no doubt. Now you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite Short’s Brew in more ways than one. Check out the new offerings, and make your wish-list now.

  • Soft Parade Lip Balm
  • Cup a Joe, Soft Parade, and Lumber Joe Candles
  • Soft Parade and Lumber Joe Liquid Soap
  • Huma IPA Chapstick
  • Lumber Joe Beard Balm and Hard Cologne

* Lumber Joe is a “woodsy” fragrance with notes of frankincense, myrrh, oakmoss, vetiver and a little tobacco

Check out this episode of Short’s Cast for more info on our Short’s Brewing X Damn Handsome collaboration.