Gluten-free Short’s Fans, this one’s for you!

This May, we announced that Space Rock, an American Pale Ale, would be joining Huma Lupa Licious, Soft Parade, Bellaire Brown, and Local’s in our Flagship lineup (available on draft and on store shelves 365 days a year) and today, we announce that Space Rock is now crafted to remove gluten and safe for those with a gluten-free diet to imbibe!

In an effort to brew beer safe for gluten-free Michiganders to enjoy year-round, we recognized that one gluten removed specialty release (Alien Einstein) was simply not enough. According to our Director of Quality, Tyler Glaze “The recipe for Space Rock always contained Brewer’s Clarex, a naturally occurring enzyme, to remove chill haze. The same enzyme eliminates gluten and we suspected that the enzyme completely removed gluten just like in Alien Einstein. So, we decided to send a bottle out to be tested at the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program’s lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The results came back great and the gluten is  completely removed from the beer in batches brewed after August 1, 2015. The taste hasn’t changed a bit. It’s still the same, delicious, moderately bitter American Pale Ale with floral and orange aromas, but with an added bonus.”

“We are stoked to release Space Rock with the ‘Crafted to Remove Gluten’ labeling now. Such a tasty beer! We hope our customers are as excited and thirsty as us!”

All Space Rock bottles packaged in new 12 packs (with updated label art) has been tested and proven to be gluten removed. Any single bottles, 12 packs, and kegs of Space Rock packaged on or after 8/1/2015 have also been crafted to remove gluten, however, if you are highly sensitive to gluten, we must warn you to be cautious of Space Rock on draft (in establishments other than our pub) as lines may contain trace amounts of gluten from previous draft beers.

In order to distinguish Space Rock that has been crafted to remove gluten from the original release, we teamed up with Tanya Whitley, the artist behind this and so many other fantastic Short’s beer labels, to update the artwork. You’ll see changes to Joe’s spacecraft and outfit as well as a new “Crafted to Remove Gluten” insignia on Space Rock crafted to remove gluten packaging.

So go ahead, indulge in those little nuggets of alien technology.