Hops A Lot (Part 2)

Welcome back to part deux of our hops series and what great information we have for you. First we welcome Gillian Cobb as one of our new hosts on Short’s Cast. She joins Matt Gacioch, Tyler Glaze, and Sam Decamp who get all scientific and break down how Short’s goes about selecting, testing, and implementing hops into their beers.

Next were joined by a great friend of Short’s, Brian Tennis of the Michigan Hop Alliance who owns New Mission Organics up in Omena, MI. Pauline calls Brian to see if hop farming is a sustainable business in Michigan and gets Brian’s thoughts on the future of the hops farming industry.

Our beer release is a Short’s Classic, Pandemonium Pale Ale. Which is now available at your local Michigan beverage store.

The music you’ll hear through out this podcast is from the Appleseed Collective who is returning to the pub in Bellaire on Thursday, July 3rd. Their orginals songs are entitled “Pumpkin Pie” and “Madly Crazy Darlin”.