Live Music Series with Joe Short, Seth Bernard, and Joshua Davis

Welcome to a very special episode of Short’s Cast! This is our first (of hopefully many) live music episode recorded at the Tiffany Lounge, across the street from the pub in Bellaire. On this episode, Joe Short sits down with two long time friends and Michigan musical icons, Joshua Davis and Seth Bernard. These guys go way back and have been playing at the pub since the very beginning, now ten years ago.

A lot has happened and a lot has changed over the past ten years, lives and careers have taken flight, many beers have been brewed, and many beautiful songs have been written. We hope you enjoy the chance to listen to this inspiring conversation between three long time friends.

This week’s beer release is India Spruce Pilsner, one of the original Imperial Beer Series brews.

Live songs

“Compliance” (aka Solid Wood) Written and performed by Joe Short

“Good Human” Written and performed by Samual Seth Bernard

“Delta 88” Written and performed by Joshua Davis

“Louie the Lightning Bug” Written and performed by Samual Seth Bernard