Short’s Spotlight: Pauline Knighton-Prueter

Good Humans (the next brew in our seasonal lineup) is headed to production in the next couple weeks. Dreaming of this dry hopped Double Brown Ale has us thinking of all the good humans we work with here at Short’s. So we found it only fitting to bring back one of our favorite blog posts series: Short’s Spotlight.  This week we’re shining a Batman style spotlight on Pauline Knighton-Prueter (say that three times fast)! Read on to learn a little more about our favorite pottery throwin’, tea drinkin’, Hedgehog lovin’, Sales Coordinator.  

What’s your name? What do people call you?

What do you call yourself? Pauline Knighton-Prueter…some people call me Pauline Knighton, some call me Pauline Prueter, some call me Paul…it’s quite confusing really 😉 Darn this thing called marriage.

How long have you been with Short’s and in what roles?

I’ve been at Short’s since August of 2013. So just over three years, and holy cow I have been in a different role each year! I started in our newly found marketing team and I helped develop and run our social media, write press releases, and work with media outlets. I moved into the Liberation department in 2014 and moved down state back to my hometown, Farmington Hills. Once Short’s decided to distribute to the Mid-west region in early 2016, I transitioned into a Sales Coordinator role. In this role I communicate and manage our distributor teams and our Liberation team living outside of Michigan.

Give us the short story of your life before your Short’s story began.

I Grew up in Farmington Hills, MI and spent weekends in Northern Michigan on Torch Lake and then Central Lake where my parents built a cottage. Summers were enjoyed working as a very pale and very burn prone lifeguard at Kendallwood Swim club where I ended up meeting my

future husband. I attended the University of Michigan and a couple months after graduation moved up north to work at Short’s.

What is your favorite thing about living in Northern Michigan?

I now live in Plymouth, MI and not up north, but when I did live up north, my favorite part was coming home to a house on a lake and jumping in a kayak for a ride. And, the lack of traffic.

Which beer (or cider) style best describes your personality?

Any beer with multiple ingredients, so let’s go with Soft Parade! I have a feeling that if you asked different social circles in my life what my personality is, everyone would say something slightly different. Hopefully good and tasty is a common factor.

What is your favorite mythical creature?

Unicorn. I had the stereotypical love of horses and princess stories growing up like Ella Enchanted, so I need to stick with my childhood love.

If you could have any kind of taco RIGHT NOW, what would it be?

Corn tortilla (soft of course), flank steak, cilantro, cotija cheese, and a lime for squeezing! I am so hungry right now.

Where is your favorite place to drink a Short’s beer, and what beer would you be drinking?

Cottage dock in Central Lake on Hanley Lake. Psychedelic Cat Grass. I truly frickin love this IPA…should have bought more.

What’s your favorite thing or idea right now?

Driving alone with podcasts lined up ready to go. My current favorite shows are How I Built This, The Splendid Table, Good Beer Hunting, Here’s The Thing, & The Moth.

P.S. The hedgehog’s name is Henrik.