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Summer Sips at the Detroit Zoo!

Experience the taste of summer at Summer Sips, Savor specialty cocktails, beer, wine and more as we celebrate the warm weather in style. Guests will also jungle boogie to live entertainment,…

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Short’s Spotlight: Pauline Knighton-Prueter

Good Humans (the next brew in our seasonal lineup) is headed to production in the next couple weeks. Dreaming of this dry hopped Double Brown Ale has us thinking of…

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Meet The Short’s Beer Liberators

This episode has been talked about for a long time among the Short’s Cast team. We’ve always wanted to gather our team of Liberators together to talk about beer liberation….

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A Day in the Life of a Short’s Liberator: Sean Cudahy

Beginning at our company’s inception, beer liberation through education has been of vast importance to our mission. We entrust this job to a team of Liberators who work tirelessly to…

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