Short’s Spotlight: Kc Pavlichek

As we gear up for summertime in Bellaire we’re paying tribute to one of our favorite kitchen faces, Kc Pavlichek. Holding down the deli turned kitchen for four years and counting, Kc helps to keep us slinging sandwiches, prepping pizzas, and sipping soups all year long. Read on to learn more as we shine the Short’s spotlight on Kc!

What’s your name? What do people call you?
Cassandra, but everyone knows me as Kc.

How long have you been with Short’s and in what roles?  
I started out in the old Deli four years ago. While my position hasn’t changed, the scenery certainly has!

Give us the short story of your life before your Short’s story began.
I grew up in Mancelona in a large family. In 2004 I moved to Louisiana to attend LSU and then culinary school. I graduated in 2009 and came back to Northern Michigan. Since then I’ve worked as a baker at the Muffin Tin and as a Pastry Chef at Shanty Creek Resorts before starting at Short’s. I have a five year old son who is completely awesome.

What is your favorite thing about living in Northern Michigan?
The land and water for sure. I love all the creeks and rivers, and I try to spend as much time on the lakes as possible. It’s so beautiful and serene here.

What is your favorite mythical creature?
Mermaids or maybe phoenix.

If you could have any meal in the world RIGHT NOW, what would it be?  
Chicken shawarma, baba ganoush, and pita.

Which beer (or cider) best describes your personality?
Nicie. It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, and comes out in the summer!

What’s your favorite thing or idea right now?
I like getting back outside in the spring. My son and I have been trying to hit up more of the hiking and walking trails in the area. He gets so excited when I point out the early signs of spring in the woods.

Just like Kc, we’re jonesing for a Nicie. Find it in cans beginning next week!