A successful Short’s at Savor experience

Short’s beer may only be found in Michigan, but that doesn’t mean that the team doesn’t like to travel outside of the state once and a while. Last weekend we packed our bags with nice summery clothes (it was warm where we went), packed in the Short’s vehicle, Huma #7, and headed to the airport. The plane dropped us off at Savor 2014 in Washington D.C., and the beer and food sensory experience bagan!

Hosted by the Brewers Association, Savor, an American Craft Beer & Food Experience, celebrated its seventh year at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Since Craft beer has an expansive variety of styles, flavors and components, it is among the most approachable beverages to pair with food, and Savor rocked it.

Two Short’s beers met us down south, Soft Parade and Publican Porter. Their Savor debut would have made Joe Short proud. People flocked to our table eager to enjoy the Rye Fruit Beer with a mini rhubarb pie and the Imperial Porter with a dark chocolate budino (don’t worry, we had to look it up too). Pretty amazing how the crust of the pie brought forth the grainy flavor of Soft Parade’s malt bill, and the budino’s chocolate coating enhanced Publican’s roasted, dark chocolate flavor. It was scrumptious [insert mama mia Italian style fingers to mouth kiss here].

After two days of beer liberation in the D.C. nation, and brushing elbows with the good people of craft beer, it was time to re-pack the bags (making room for the 2014 Savor Collaboration beer of course) and get back to Michigan.

Thank you Brewers Association for the creation and management of this delicious event, and a big thanks to everyone who visited the Short’s table. We look forward to seeing you in the brewpub one of these days,  a pint is waiting!