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ERMAGERD! ERMAGERDNESS is back in bottles! ERMAGERDNESS (5.5% ABV – 84 IBU) is a light-bodied, golden-colored American India Pale Ale with zesty tangerine and pineapple aromatics.  A simplified malt bill,…

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Gimme Gimme Some Dankity Dank Sticky Icky Icky

We’ve got just 4 specialty releases left in 2016 and we’re going out with a bang! This week, we’re stocking store shelves in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin…

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Happy (Super Hoppy) Holiday to You

We’re wishing a happy (and super hoppy) holiday season to you and yours with the hoppiest variety pack we’ve ever dared to brew! Chok-full of holiday cheer, our Super Hoppy…

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Accessorize With a Sixer of Dan’s Pink Skirt

In the world of fashion, a pink ballerina skirt is one bold move. Sure, you probably can rock one, but should you? Today we’re here to tell you about one…

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Dive into a bottle of hops with Sticky Icky Icky

Do you need an IPA fix? Are you craving a truly hop-tastic experience? Have you found yourself wishing to be submersed in the tastiest, most aromatic Humulus lupulus flowers? Then…

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Dan’s (bleep) Pink Skirt

Hey all you (bleep), Dan’s Pink Skirt is on its way to stores right now. Available statewide this brew is (bleep) delicious. Don’t let the (bleep) pink skirt fool you,…

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