Happy (Super Hoppy) Holiday to You

We’re wishing a happy (and super hoppy) holiday season to you and yours with the hoppiest variety pack we’ve ever dared to brew! Chok-full of holiday cheer, our Super Hoppy Holidays pack is comprised of everyone’s favorite double and triple IPAs; Superfluid, Stache Bender, Aww Jeah, and Batch 5000 (3, 12oz bottles of each brew).

Superfluid (9.1% ABV – 91 IBU) is an American Double India Pale Ale that explodes with a perfume of resiny hop aromas! A simple malt bill allows the hops to shine with flavors of coconut, pineapple, and tropical fruit. The perfect bitterness resonates across the palate, complementing the awesome hop intensity within.

Stache Bender (10.3% ABV – 77 IBU) is a bright orange Double American India Pale Ale with explosive aromas of tangerine, pineapple, and grapefruit. The taste is a celebration of citrus hop flavors and fruit zest. Citrus flavors fuse with a slight malty sweetness before a building bitterness resonates into a dry and warming finish.

Aww Jeah (10.4% ABV – 95 IBU) is a Double American India Pale Ale with a dark orange hue and big hop aromas. Sweet malt collides with an array of hop flavors ranging from sticky fruit to pine in this brew. Aww Jeah shifts towards a finish that is sharp and bitter.

Batch 5000 (14.6% ABV – 75 IBU) is a big-bodied, Triple American India Pale Ale with a sizable palate coating sweetness. Delicious flavors and aromas of pineapple and orange are complimented by an awesome piney hop bitterness that leads into a warming finish.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, our Super Hoppy Holidays variety pack will hit store shelves in early November. Keep an eye on our social media channels for an exact release date. Cheers and happy (super hoppy) holiday to you!