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Gluten-free Short’s Fans, this one’s for you!

This May, we announced that Space Rock, an American Pale Ale, would be joining Huma Lupa Licious, Soft Parade, Bellaire Brown, and Local’s in our Flagship lineup (available on draft…

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Alone with Joe

Steve Ison aka The Wizard, aka Uncle Steve, aka Stevo, is Shorts Brewing Company’s longest standing employee other than Mr. Joe Short himself. Steve’s been here since the beginning and…

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The Traveling Short’s Show

The Short’s Fest and Events team is coming off some major victories with the 11 Year Anniversary Extravaganza being a huge success, as well as events like Conquer The Village,…

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Space Rock is Out of This World – but Back on Shelves

That’s right good humans, in response to your feedback and requests, we’ve decided to keep Space Rock, one of our favorite American Pale Ales, on store shelves and flowing from…

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Space Rock Soars Through the Atmosphere

Several years ago Joe Short came into possession of what he believed to be a pretty average, old snowmobile.  Little did he know that this snowmobile had immeasurable travel potential….

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