Variety Pack Version 3 2017

NEW VARIETY PACK ALERT! Captain Fantasy, Sustenance Black Beer, ControversiALE, and Thristie Mutilator are headed to store shelves near you in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for this can’t miss pack!

Captain FantasyCaptain Fantasy 12x12 (7.1% ABV – 55 IBU) is a Pear Saison with profuse hoppiness. Light-bodied with a bright, clear, golden color, this Saison is brewed with pear to complement the aromas of spice and the fruity fragrance of Sorachi Ace hops. Captain Fantasy has flavors of sweet pear and tart lemon and a lively amount of carbonation to cleanse the palate. The overall fruitiness of Captain Fantasy is interrupted by an assertive hop bitterness that dominates the finish.


Sustenance Black BeerSustenance Web (7.3% ABV – 25 IBU), classically referred to as a Schwarz beer, is a dark American Lager brewed in the spring. Soft and sweet on the palate, the roasted, dark caramel grains lend to a satisfying drinking experience, while Lager yeast creates a refreshing thirst-quenching sensation. This combination provides a rich, full-flavored, light-bodied brew.


ControversiALEControversiale 12x12 (6.6% ABV – 65 IBU), FKA Hangin’ Frank, is a tribute to Simcoe hops. Simcoe hops are extremely sought after and limited, so Short’s is excited to share this unique brew with Michigan craft beer lovers every spring. The earthy, citrus, and pine laced nose is instantly detectable. Large amounts of toasted grains and high alpha hops form a perfect union that creates the cool sensation of toasted sourdough covered with zesty grapefruit hop marmalade. ControversiALE has an enchantingly straightforward hop aroma, flavor, and overall intensity through ample additions of only Simcoe hops. While this beer is hopped like an IPA, it drinks like a pale ale. The light, refreshing qualities of this beer make it perfect for springtime.


Thristie MutilatorThirst Mutilator 12x12 (6.7% ABV – 25 IBU) is a light straw-blonde Munich Helles Style Lager with sharp doughy yeast esters that gather atop a perfectly retained head. Pronounced grain flavors of lightly kilned barley produce bready and flour-like qualities that blend pleasantly with mild hop bitterness. Aided by a wonderful effervescence, these delicate flavors fade into a crisp, clean, and refreshing finish.