Short’s Brewing Co. announces canning line installation

Elk Rapids, Mich. – Short’s Brewing Company of Elk Rapids, Michigan announces plans to package their beers and Starcut Ciders in cans for the first time. Based in Northern Michigan, the company sees this addition to their lineup as a step towards reaching customers enjoying activities better suited for non-glass containers. An initial can roll out will include beers from their flagship lineup as well as a selection from their hard cider brand, Starcut Ciders.

Manufactured by Wild Goose Canning of Boulder, CO, the WGC-250 with semi-automatic depalletizer and twist rinser will be be able to fill 42 cans per minute at top speed. The canning machine will be installed this month with cans available in April.

According to Tyler Glaze, Short’s Quality Manager, “Cans are an excellent opportunity to get our beer into new places that glass cannot go. Glass bottles are great, but if you have ever been at the beach and drank out of glass, you’ve gotten a lot of dirty looks — trust me. With our canned product, you can now drink at the beach with your mind-at-ease and take comfort in the fact that those dirty looks are a direct response to your hot bod making people jelly.”

The four beers available in cans will be Huma Lupa Licious (India Pale Ale), Soft Parade (Fruit Rye Ale), Local’s Light (American Lager), and Space Rock (American Pale Ale). Octorock, a semi-sweet hard cider will complete the lineup.

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4 thoughts on “Short’s Brewing Co. announces canning line installation”

  1. Bob says:

    Would love to see Bellaire Brown in the can. Any plans for this?

    1. Gillian Cobb says:

      Hey Bob,

      Thanks for the feedback. We have no plans to package Bellaire Brown in a can at this time, but we’ll be sure to keep it in mind for the future.


  2. Chris says:

    It would be nice to know which retailers offer the cans.

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Chris,

      Where are you located? We’d be happy to send you a list of locations near you. Feel free to shoot us an email to and we’ll be sure to set you in the right direction!

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