Behind The Brew… Spruce Pilsner

On this episode of Short’s Cast we’re going to delve into the process (and maybe even some of the secrets) of Spruce Pilsner. One of the beers that Short’s entire staff has a hand in making, Spruce Pilsner, is now available in stores all across the great state of Michigan. Bridgett and Woj start off by interviewing Short’s CEO and Creative Engineer, Joe Short, who’s favorite beer happens to be Spruce Pilsner. He talks about its oringal Imperial Beer Series debut and how the beer has evolved over the years.

Jessica Bond from HR brings us highlights from the staff’s adventure to Joe’s super secret blue spruce grove. It was many staff members first time spruce tip picking – which isn’t exactly an easy thing to do.

Night Brewer, Sean Niemisto, comes into work early to talk about the entire process of brewing Spruce Pilsner and improvements the Short’s team has made to the process. There’s a lot of good nuggets here for those who want to learn more about brewing craft beer.

The music for this episode was kindly provided by Olivia Mainville who is performing at the pub with Jack The Bear on Thursday July 23rd at 8pm. You’ll hear her songs “King Sings” and “Full Steam Ahead.”

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