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Ingredients Gone Wrong… and Right

Welcome to the 10th episode of Short’s Cast. This episode dives into the failures and successes of brewing with a wide variety of ingredients. A lot of trial and error…

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Life of a Cellarman

Welcome to another episode of the Short’s Cast. We want to say thank you to all of our listeners who have left us kind reviews on Stitcher and Itunes! We are…

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Collaboration Across the Nation

Welcome planet earth beer lovers to the eighth episode of Short’s Cast! Today’s episode is all about the brewing community showing each other love by coming together and creating delicious beer…

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Short’s vs The Polar Vortex!

Ready….Fight! That’s right good humans, this winter has been brutal. Causing people to slide into snow banks all across America! “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the…

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Love in this Pub

This is a very special Valentines Day inspired episode of Short’s Cast. We bring in Jon Wojtowicz, Matt Drake, and Steve Ison to tell their stories of how they found…

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Bottling of the future!

Hello Short’s fans and welcome to our fifth episode of the Short’s Cast Podcast. If you are a new brewer deciding to bottle your beer, a beer fan who is interested in…

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History of the Brewpub

Short’s fans we appreciate you listening! Its been a great launch for the podcast for 2014 and we want to keep the momentum rolling! Leah Short is on the show…

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Brewing in Michigan

We have a lot going on in the third episode of Short’s Cast and we are talking about something we are very proud of, brewing in Michigan. We start off…

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Building a Beer’s Identity

Welcome to the second episode of Short’s Cast! We’ve got lots of stories, shenanigans, and great beer information for you kind listeners. We introduce you to two vital members to…

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Short’s Cast on Tap!

We are excited to bring you the first episode of Short’s Cast from Short’s Brewing Company. In this episode you get an introduction to what we plan on bringing you throughout…

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Short’s Cast Podcast Trailer

On Tuesday January 7th, 2014 we are releasing the first episode of our new podcast, Short’s Cast! You will be able to listen to this show by subscribing to it’s feed on…

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