Craft Beer in the Media

Hello Short’s enthusiast! We invite you to listen to our 24th episode of Short’s Cast and learn all about the media’s role in promoting craft beer. Short’s was honored to have Soft Parade featured in the American Craft Beer Cookbook which was written by John Holl. John is also the editor of All About Beer Magazine, and he gives some great insight on the beer publishing world.

As for blogging, vlogging, and television, we bring in Amy Sherman who is host of the Great American Brew Trail and writes a blog called Amy On The Trail. She resides in Grand Rapids and talks about the rise of craft beer in the Michigan media market.

Our music this week is from Graham Parsons and The Go Rounds, who gave us permission to use their songs “No Eyes” and “Grey Morning Gate”.

In our beer release segment Pauline and Matt announce that Short’s is now releasing 24 packs and if you want to hear what beers will be available in 24 packs….well you’ll have to listen to the show.

Enjoy the show good humans, and we always appreciate reviews for Short’s Cast on Itunes and Stitcher Radio! Cheers