October Mixed Sixer

Woah buddy, when did fall arrive? It’s time to usher in the arrival of autumn leaves (and autumn ales), punkin’ doughnuts, and crisp nights with a new brew. But with so many choices, what should you drink? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our recommendation for the perfect October mixed sixer and get shopping!

Noble Chaos (6.5% ABV – 40 IBU): Noble Chaos is an Oktoberfest/Marzen (German-style amber lager) we released late this summer. While Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated in September, this brew is tasting mighty fine right this minute. Still available on Michigan store shelves and pouring from taps in limited quantities, it’s time to get your hands on this beer right now. We’re sure it’ll be long gone soon.   

Black Cherry Porter (9.2% ABV – 40 IBU): Let’s raise a pint and make a toast to Michigan’s favorite officially, unofficial fruit, the cherry. If you love cherries (and what self-respecting Michigander doesn’t), then Black Cherry Porter is the brew for you. With radiant flavors of dark, sweet cherries and roasted chocolate malt, Black Cherry Porter is sure to please the palate and keep you wanting more. Black Cherry Porter will sell very quickly. Be sure to pick up a sixer from your favorite craft beverage purveyor, this week.

Sticky Icky Icky (7.1% ABV – 70 IBU): If you love dank, sticky, juicy, ridiculously hoppy beers, you need to try Sticky Icky Icky stat! Sticky Icky Icky is light, yet full bodied and well balanced with prominent citrus flavors. Mark your calendar, this beer will be on Michigan store shelves beginning Monday, October 24th.

Phuzz (6.9% ABV): It’s a not so scientifically proven fact that any mixed six-pack should include at least one bottle of cider. This month, we’re choosing Phuzz, the latest rotating offering from our very own Starcut Ciders.  A semi-sweet cider fermented with Michigan apples and peaches, Phuzz is mildly tart and subtly sweet with flavors of bold apple and pleasant lingering peach. Find Phuzz in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and all the way out in Colorado!

Bellaire Brown (7% ABV – 19 IBU): We know, we know, you’ve had Bellaire Brown before, but have you reeeallly stopped to savor the moment? October is prime time for sipping on a Bellaire Brown at tailgates, outside, by a fire, wearing a sweater, etc. In fact, we’re not sure we can think of a situation that wouldn’t pair with a pint of Bellaire Brown. If you only drink one beer this month, we challenge you to make that brew a pint of Bellaire Brown

Bourbon Huma (8.2% ABV – 66 IBU): Can you think of a better way to warm up on a crisp fall eve than with a glass of bourbon? We can, and so we did. Get ready for Bourbon Barrel Aged Huma Lupa Licious! We’ve taken our best-selling American India Pale Ale aged in bourbon barrels for up to 9 months. The end result? A complex bourbon and hop theme park in your mouth!  Available in very limited quantities, Bourbon Huma will be released first tomorrow at our Bellaire, MI pub and Short’s Mart. Bombers of Bourbon Huma will hit distribution beginning Monday, 10/17.