Short’s Spotlight: Emily Kwekel

It’s a new year and now that we’ve finally got our bearings (no more writing “2016” at the tops of our papers for this crew), we’re ready to shine the Short’s spotlight on another member of  our crew. This week, we’re happy to highlight the fastest lass in all the land (or at least in Antrim county), Emily Kwekel. Read on to learn about our time crushing, mile running, Nordic skiing friend.

What’s your name? What do people call you?
My name is Emily Kwekel, but my trail name was “Earth Kweks.”

How long have you been with Short’s and in what roles?
I started my career at Short’s 1 ½ years ago and I’m a proud Pack Line worker.

Give us the short story of your life before your Short’s story began.
I Grew up in Hudsonville,  MI  (home of Hudsonville Ice Cream). I graduated from Bellaire High School and went on to attend Northern Michichigan University. In Marquette, I realized my passion for conservation and I hopped a bus to Vermont to join a trail crew. I spent my time our east building and maintaining trails in North Carolina and Vermont before returning home to Northern Michigan.

What is your favorite thing about living in Northern Michigan?
Northern Michigan isn’t a place that’s always considered “convenient” to live. We’ve got wild winters and long distances to travel between locations, but people are still happy. We make it work because it’s so worth it to live somewhere that’s so beautiful and full of life. I’m really into outdoor recreation. I love to run, cross country ski, and swim, so living in a place that allows me to get outside and do what I love is important to me.

So just how many races did you run / swim / ski  in 2016?
In 2016 I skied the White Pine Stampede (20k) and the North American VASA Festival of Races (28k). Ran the Traverse City Trail Running Festival (10k), Shanty 2 Short’s 5k, 10k, Fun Run (10k), Elk Rapids Harbor Days Harborun (10k), the Sleeping Bear Dunes Half Marathon (13.1), and the The Great Beard Run (5k). I also swam the Swim for Grand Traverse Bay (2 mi) and the Break a Wave Open Water Swim (2 mi) before finishing out the year at the Farmland 5k and Free For All Bike Race. I’m really looking forward to getting on my skis next month for the White Pine Stampede.   

What is your favorite mythical creature?
BIGFOOT . . . is not a myth.

If you could have any kind of taco RIGHT NOW, what would it be?
All of the tacos.  

Which beer (or cider) style best describes your personality?
Spruce Pilsner best describes my personality because I love to get outside in Antrim County. What’s better than skiing or running through beautiful Blue Spruce trees?

Thanks Kweks, for all you do and congrats on being a member of our unofficial crew of elite athletes! If you find yourself competing at a Northern Michigan sporting event, look out for Emily Kwekel. She’ll be the badass leading the pack.