Short’s and Valley View Farm Round Table

We’re all in on the state of Michigan and lucky for us, over the past few years local farms have been experimenting with growing craft beer ingredients like barley and hops. In fact, just up the street in East Jordan, Valley View Farm has started to grow barley and is having it processed by our friends at Pilot Malt House. This year’s crop turned out to be some of the best barley Erik May of Pilot Malt House has ever seen in the state of Michigan.

We are joined by John, Jim, and Andrew Boyer from Valley View Farm who just spent the day brewing with Short’s Head Brewer, Tony Hansen. All four join Bridgett and Woj to discuss how the Short’s and Valley View relationship began, and the decision John Boyer and his family made to start growing barley in Northern Michigan.

The music you’ll hear in this podcast is kindly provided by Bigfoot Buffalo who is performing at the pub in Bellaire on October 30th at 8:30 pm. You’ll hear the song “I Don’t Feel Nothin” off of their self titled album, Bigfoot Buffalo.

Our Beer Release this week is Black Cherry Porter which is now available in six packs all across the great state of Michigan.

On this episode we’re also announcing the 2016 People’s Choice winner. You had the opportunity to vote for one of six beers to be bottled next year and those options were… MMMKAY, Dolly Dagger, Goodnight Bodacious, Raisin Apollo, Captain Fantasy, and Chocolate Wheat. You’re going to have to listen to this episode of Short’s Cast if you want to know our winner!