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Noble Chaos Hits Shelves Across the State

Noble Chaos is classified as an “Oktoberfest” or American Style Amber Lager. In the spirit of Oktoberfest, the German Style Marzen is brewed in March (Marzen) and then lagered (cold aged) in caves until released at the end of the summer for “Oktoberfest”. This year’s batch at the plant was brewed with that in mind. We made this beer back in March and had it shipped to a cold storage facility until it was released just recently. The intention was for the release to occur in early September, but we lost our spot in the cooler a month early.  The pub in Bellaire will stick to plan, and officially release the Noble Chaos on September 9th. Basically, Short’s made our own version of the a German Style Marzen or “Oktoberfest” and here is the rest of the story………

The Story of Noble Chaos:

The original name of this beer started as Northern Michigan Pride. It was batch number 115, brewed 8.4.05, back in the day when Leah and I had a secret summer love affair.  It was a spur of the moment recipe. I decided to do something completely different from the norm. A specialty lager. And so it began, a bag of this a bag of that and the brew was on. Or so I thought. Back in the olden days of SBC, system failures were a daily occurrence.

This particular day was exceptional.Bridezilla: The Pub was raging busy and probably understaffed and the first issue was an irate lady getting married who supposedly ordered kegs for her wedding that day. The keg order fell through the cracks somewhere and was never seen or processed in the brewery. So here we have a lady about to get married, completely pissed off and threatening to go to north Peak or something to get her wedding beer. After apologizing over and over and assuring her we could produce these kegs faster than going to North peak, and even deliver them if necessary to ensure her special day was in fact going to be that “special day”.

So while managing this first specialty lager brew and my composure, I had pulled apart 3 – 1/6th barrels, cleaned them and filled them the “old school way” and fortunately did not have to deliver them. Crisis Averted.Bellaire Brown Lady: So then there came this lady to fill up her growler of Bellaire Brown. We were out of brown. No other beer would suffice and she had traveled some distance for this beer and was not going to leave without it. So keeping it cool with pissed off person no. 2……… Eureka!! The Bellaire Bar was serving Bellaire Brown at the time. After some pleading with the bar, I managed to talk them into selling me a growler of brown. I paid for the growler and ran back to the pub in my knee highs in time to appease the lady and get back to the brew. Maintain composure, invest in the consumer, crisis averted…Forgotten Keg order no. 2: Oh, yeah, not once but twice, keg order protocol failure….. Not only was I out of kegs but out of tappers. So again, my dedication to invest in the consumer, sell the beer and make beer was still a viable option.

The MacGyver in me was able to materialize 3 Cornie kegs, and fabricate dispensing rigs from a handful of “parts bins” for each vessel for these ladies. Again, crisis averted. (probably why I’m still a pack rat)These were the most memorable obstacles that stick out in while trying to make this new beer I started the day so inspired to make. After much neglect from the brewers hand this brew still turned out to be awesome. The intense dealings with people, and broken systems of that day I had considered a noble effort along with the chaos coupled with it…… hence – Noble Chaos was born. Supposedly that’s the day Leah claims I stole her heart. So it’s even extra special. Leah can probably add a bit more to the story’s intensity. This is what I have for you for now.


Joe Short

Please check out the following link to see where Noble Chaos can be purchased in stores throughout the state..

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Short’s vs Right Brain Softball Rematch!

UPDATE! The match has been cancelled until further notice, check back here for any new updates on the matter.

As you’ll recall, we had a hard fought game against our brothers in Traverse City a little while back. This coming Wednesday, we’ll be having a rematch at a location to be determined. Come cheer on your favorite team, or just come and support two great local craft brewers as we get a little exercise in. Check back here for a final location, and in the meantime enjoy some pictures from our last event.

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GABF – The Buck Fifty Club!

UPDATE: We only have a few spots left!

Every year for the past six years, we’ve hauled our beer, our gear and our staff to Denver, Colorado to present our wares at the Great American Beer Festival. The GABF is the largest and one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the world. Each year the response to our festival booth and our beer grows, putting Short’s Brewing Company among the most popular at the festival (over 457 breweries and over 49,000 attendees!). We want to continue to return to Denver, and we want to represent Bellaire and all of northern Michigan to the best of our ability.

The expenses associated with this trip are pretty hearty, so to help buffer the trip expenses we’re selling a limited number of Short’s Supporter Beer Licenses.

Here’s how it works: Sponsors pay $150 to cover the cost of one entry and to qualify you for $1.50 beers for one year. Your year of beer starts on September 16th, 2010.

Here’s the fine print : Your “beer license” is for your use only. One sponsor = one license and
no sharing. $1.50 beers are for regularly priced pints only. No gourmet pours, bottles, etc. If you want less than a pint, you still gotta pay the $1.50. Mug club mugs and $1.50 beers don’t mix – you should probably pick one great deal or the other. Tax does apply. This sweet deal is non-negotiable and non-refundable. No bitching and no refunds if we change hours, stop serving your favorite beer, close the brewery, start selling bud light or lock the doors so we can tour with Ween. We’re working to give our biggest supporters a great deal on awesome beer, and to help us get to the GABF to blow some minds. It’s a win win deal, so help us keep it that way. No unnecessary headaches, yeah?

Ask your pubtender for a sponsor form . Only 50 spots available!  We look forward to seeing your sponsorship for this year’s Beer Fest!

To reserve your spot, you must email monica [at] shortsbrewing [dot] com

Full Promotional Poster Here

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Short’s Softball Classic

Update: While it was a hard fought battle, alas, our friends at Right Brain ended up victorious! Thanks for everyone who came to cheer on both teams. We’ll hope to have a rematch soon!

This Wednesday, 8/25/2010, Short’s Brewing Company’s softball team will be playing Right Brain Brewery in Alden at the community ball park just south of town. This is the first meeting between these two Northern Michigan Breweries, so it’s sure to be a fun and exciting event for all! Fans are welcome to come out, root for their favorite team, and partake in the good sportsmanship and camaraderie that is the embodiment of this classic American past time. Game time is at 6:30pm.

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Short’s Fest 2010 Recap

Well, the dust has finally settled, almost all of the sand has been cleared from the parking lot, and things are starting to revert back to normal around here. After a few weeks of reflection the SBC crew has unanimously agreed that the first annual Short’s fest was a huge success! Thanks to all who attended, and helped make this inaugural event one to remember. Nearly 1,000 people poured onto the grounds of our Elk Rapids production facility to partake in the festivities. Over 200 people took tours of the brewery, and many more enjoyed the 18 varieties of Short’s beer that was being poured that afternoon.
House of Dogs was a wonderful addition and went perfectly w/ the other concessions being offered. “I ate 3 house of dogs, and 5 bags of popcorn,” stated Nick Perez long time Short’s enthusiast.

The day started off on the right note w/ Short’s receiving an award for Best Commercial Entry for the “float” we entered in the Harbor Days Grande Parade. “I must admit we did look pretty dapper in our old timey swim suits,” remarked Tony Hansen plant manager and brains behind the converted boat bar float, “I just wish Joe would let me keep those shorts.” By 4:00pm we were ready to rock, and DJ Huma-Fied ensured that the groove would be set just right for a day of drinking incredible brew w/ friends and family.

The event was capped off with some amazing feats of strength, that you simply had to see to believe, thanks to brewer Curt Guntzviller. As 9:00pm rolled around happy patrons were on there way, the Short’s crew broke everything down w/ remarkable ease, and we were able to finish just in time to catch the amazing firework display at Harbor Days toasting a job well done. Again, thanks to everyone for coming out and making this event possible. If you were not able to attend, don’t fret, because the ideas are already starting to flow about how to make next years Short’s Fest even better! Until then, “Cheers, and may the Short’s be w/ you.”

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Beers on Tap

Just a reminder that you can always find out what we currently have on tap at our Bellaire Pub by going to this page:

We’ll update it anytime we have a change in our offerings.

Right now we’re serving:

Huma Lupa Licious
Agave Peach Wheat
Nicie Spicie
Mango Pale Ale
Chocolate Wheat
Strawberry Shorts Cake
Village Reserve
Pontius Road Pilsner
Bellaire Brown
Stellar Ale
Soft Parade
Locals Light
Bourbon Barrel Sustenance
Key Lime Pie
Beach Wheat
Black Cherry Porter
Ale La Reverend

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New 2010 Bike Jerseys Are In!

UPDATE:  We’re expecting more of the 2010 Jerseys on Oct 1st, 2010 but we’re keeping our fingers that they come in sooner! Keep checking back to our website – we’ll update as soon as we have them in stock again.  Remember, you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Hooray! The new 2010 Bike Jerseys are now in and available for purchase in the Short’s Online Store, as well as our fine pub in Bellaire. Please note that quantities are limited, and we ask that if you purchase one online, please email our merchandise diva Monica first at monica [at] shortsbrewing [dot] com.

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1st Annual Short’s Fest at Harbor Days

Location: Beer Liberation Park (aka our front lawn) at our Production Facility in Elk Rapids (211 Industrial Park Drive)

Saturday August 7th from 4 pm to 9pm

  • We’re going to have grill master Chuck Diesel slinging SBC Beef (yup, fed with our very own spent grain) and maybe a few other food vendors
  • Yard toss aka Crut’s Corn Hole
  • Two new Rocking Boat Booths pouring all kinds of new and old SBC creations from our most recent batches to vintage beers we’ve stowed away
  • Retail Beer and merchandise. Grab a t-shirt, tap handle or cold six pack on your way out
  • Brewery tours with purchase of pint glass (3 tours available)
  • DJ Huma-Fi and Master Dog Farm – scratchin some dank tunage
  • $2.00 – 8 oz. pours in biodegradable cups (purchased with SBC wooden nickles!)
  • Yacking it up with the SBC Crew!
  • ID and wristband at the gate
  • Picnic tables and porta potties for restin’ and digestin’
  • Bring your suit and hit the beach across the street and head for the fireworks at 9:00

Note: the SBC brew crew will be sporting the boat booths in the ER parade Sat morning….

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Team Huma to ride Ore To Shore

Team Huma will be riding the Ore to Shore in Marquette Michigan on August 14th. Come cheer the team on in beautiful upper Michigan. And don’t forget that you can have your own Team Huma Bike Jersey at our Store.

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Thanks to our friends at No Boundaries

At Short’s, we work hard to bring you the best beers the state of Michigan has to offer. At the end of the day, we’re also trying to stay active and keep ourselves in tip top shape. Thanks to our friends at No Boundaries, the Short’s Health and Wellness team will soon be fitted with super kick butt Jamis bikes. Check out No Boundaries in Boyne City, and tell them Short’s sent you.

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Limited Number of Short’s To Short’s Tee’s Left!

For a limited time, get your Short’s To Short’s 2010 Tee Shirt’s from our super awesome Short’s Online Store. Perhaps you were one of the many paddlers, volunteers, spectators or maybe you just want a super awesome comfy tee shirt to proudly support your favorite local brewery. Head here now and get yours while supplies still last. Medium and Large sizes only, sorry petite friends.

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Hangin Frank 6-Packs Coming Soon!

Rejoice Short’s IPA lovers! Our second most popular local IPA (next to Huma of course) will be hitting the shelves soon to a Michigan retailer near you!

Here’s the inside scoop on this fan favorite:

(SOURCE – Petoskey News) City Park Grill
It is said that the ghost of Frank Fochtman, former owner of the City Park Grill in Petoskey, haunts the establishment today.
Manager Jason Septic said it is rumored that Fochtman hung himself in the basement, when it was named Grill Cafe. “I know many people who’ve just had a weird sensation or feeling that there’s someone else down there,” he said, adding that his hair has stood up on the back of his neck on occasion when down in the basement.

The ghost has on occasion been blamed for broken glasses, when they would just snap as they sat on the table. “They seemed to, when just sitting on the table, break where the stem meets the glass,” Septic recalled. However, despite some broken stemware, Fochtman — commonly just called Frank by the staff — does not seem to have a mean or negative presence. “My personal feeling is that he’d be here, just watching over the place,” Septic said.

For more information, visit the City Park Grill Website.

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