Short’s Brewing Co. announces Nicie rebrand

Bellaire, Mich. – Short’s Brewing Company of Bellaire, Michigan announces a rebrand of their popular summer seasonal, Nicie, formerly known as Nicie Spicie. Nicie is an American Wheat Ale brewed with orange zest, lemon zest, coriander, and a hint of peppercorn.

The Nicie rebrand was completed in house by Short’s Art Director, Jesse Den Herder under the direction of Short’s founder and CEO, Joe Short. Short described his thoughts behind what the Nicie rebrand should embody as “Psychedelic, mythological, refreshing, spiritual, strong,  sessionable, earthly, fantastic, desirable, quenching, peaceful, powerful, beautiful, goddess-like, deco, and elegant.” According to Den Herder, “Taking a non-objective approach and creating a character and personality for the beer was a direction that was more true to Short’s.” Nicie’s new artwork “uses the same colorway as the OG Nicie, but gives it a refreshing pop, so the delicious feel of the fruit is still part of the label experience.”

While the label is noticeably different, the recipe for Nicie has not changed. Nicie (5.2% ABV – 25 IBU) is an American Wheat Ale brewed with orange zest, lemon zest, coriander, and a hint of peppercorn. Orange-gold in color and light in body, Nicie is infused with the scents and flavors of fresh citrus. The subtle taste of coriander and spice of peppercorn makes this ale both refreshing and complex. Nicie is the perfect accompaniment to a summer day.

Nicie, an original Joe Short recipe and his self-proclaimed favorite beer, is described by Joe as “the essence of summer in a beer.” In order to celebrate the rebrand of Nicie, the company is hosting a series of tastings and events across the state for “Nicie Week.” Nicie Week will take place Monday, May 23rd – Sunday, May 29th. You can get a first taste of Nicie in Flint during the brewery’s Short’s on the Road – Flint Tour May 18th and 19th.

As a part of Short’s seasonal lineup, Nicie will be available on draft and in bottles throughout their expanded distribution footprint. Cans of Nicie will be released later this month.

9 thoughts on “Short’s Brewing Co. announces Nicie rebrand”

  1. Scott hofmann says:

    When is nicie available? It’s my favorite beer

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hi Scott- Nicie was available in cans only at the beginning of the summer this year. Hopefully you’re able to find another brew soon to enjoy soon!

  2. Kat says:

    Will Nicie be available this summer?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      No plans for Nicie in bottles or cans this year, but it will be making a limited appearance on tap at our pub. Cheers!

      1. Nicie Lover says:

        Why isn’t Nicie being distributed this year? Is this an early sign of discontinuation?

        1. Short's Brewing Company says:

          Hey Nicie Lover – We determine our release schedule based on variety of factors including customer feedback, past sales, old favorites, and new ideas yet to even be imagined by our brewers. Unfortunately this year Nicie didn’t make the list to be distributed but we certainly couldn’t go without! Nicie will be on tap at our pub all summer long, so be sure to stop in and grab a pint with us or a growler to go. Cheers!

          1. Molly says:

            Nicie spicie is my favorite summer beer. I am really sad that it is not being canned or bottled this year. I hope to see it back soon.

  3. Nic says:

    How about this year folks, is nicie spicie bring distributed?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Nic – Unfortunately Nicie will not be distributed this year, but look for it on tap at our pub all summer long!

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