11 Reasons You Should Have Already Purchased Your Short’s Fest Tickets

Short’s Fest, our annual Elk Rapids Production Facility party, is fast approaching – like speed of light fast. So we want to give it to you straight. It isn’t a hard sell. Short’s beers and Starcut Ciders handmade by people who care in Northern Michigan, rad live music, and delicious food, all taking place at the brewery nestled between the Grand Traverse East Bay, Bass Lake, and Elk Lake. What more could you ask for? We’re willing to bet this party will sell out in advance and tickets are ONLY available online. In case you need more convincing, we compiled this list of 11 reasons (in no particular order) you should have already purchased your tickets to this year’s bash.

1. The Beer: This tap list is out of this world tasty. Featuring classic Short’s brews like Nicie, Space Rock, Huma Lupa Licious, and Soft Parade alongside summertime favorites like Bucktricutioner, Power of Love, and Blanco Suave, this party has a brew or two for everyone. Browse the full tap list, here


2. The Music: We have a history of providing people of the Short’s-i-verse with opportunities to hear the most awesomest music (think The Go Rounds, The Moxie Strings, and Vulfpeck), and Short’s Fest 2016 is no exception. This year’s Short’s Fest attendees can look forward to hearing the musical stylings of Billy Strings, Vox Vidorra, and AOK.


3. The Early Bird Hour: If you order your tickets now, there’s a good chance you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to an “Early Bird” ticket. Awesome people order Early Bird tickets because Early Bird tickets include entry to the festival early at 4 pm, a 500mL bottle of Creamiest of the Peach, a performance by Fancybread, and 7 tokens to be used for beer or cider. You want to be more awesomer, right?

4. The Food: Simply put, beer loves food. Without food, we really couldn’t have a beer festival! This year we’re happy to be featuring some of our favorite local food vendors including Why Knot Pretzels, Michigan Donut Company, Daily Blend, Siren Hall, and our very own Woj’s Wieners.


5. Starcut Ciders: If you haven’t yet tried our sister brand of hard ciders, Starcut Ciders, shame on you! But really, it’s time to give ‘er a sip and see if we’re fermenting a variety that is right for you. Have a friend or loved one who just doesn’t dig beer? This is the option for them at Short’s Fest. We’ll have our flagships Pulsar and Octorock as well as additional varieties.


6. Specialty Bottle Release & Key Lime Pie Pre-Release: As a part of our Early Bird ticket package, we’ll be offering Creamiest of the Peach in 500mL bottles. A very limited number of these bottles will be for sale after our Early Bird hour. In addition, we will be pre-releasing Key Lime Pie in six-packs at Short’s Fest before this brew hits general distribution.

7. Harbor Days: Short’s Fest is held during Harbor Days, Elk Rapids’ town wide festival that celebrates our picturesque harbor and community. Short’s Fest takes place on the final day of the week long celebration, but come early and take in the events like live local music, a family carnival, 3 x 3 soccer tournament, grand parade, and Paddle Antrim Sunset Paddle.


8. It’s Summertime in Northern Michigan: No, we’re really not that into Kid Rock lyrics, but he’s right. It doesn’t get any better than this.


9. Scott Newman-Bale’s Impromptu Cocktail Making Sessions: Last year, the “Nicie-Rock,” a cocktail-style concoction made with 50/50 Nicie and Starcut Ciders Octorock was born at Short’s Fest. The brainchild of Short’s Partner, Scott Newman-Bale, this combination is admittedly strange in theory, but delicious in actuality. Who knows what Scott will come up with this year?


10. The Tour: Have you ever wondered how we transform water, grain, hops, and yeast into delicious nectar? Now’s your chance to find out. Take a tour with a member of our Production Team to learn all about brewing, cellaring, and packaging our beers and ciders.


11. To be as happy as these people ->


So we’re just going to leave this link here . . . shortsbrewing.com/shortsfest . . . click it now to learn more and order your tickets, today!