2017 Beer Release Schedule and Fan’s Choice Voting

We can think of many descriptors to describe just how we feel about this election cycle, but we’ll leave it at this: thirsty. Now, more than ever, America is in need of some good ol’, thirst quenching news. Which is why friends, we’ve decided to spread a little good news with the announcement of our 2017 Release Schedule!

Built with input from dedicated fans, staff, and accounts in mind, we’re stoked to say that our 2017 Release Schedule is our best yet. From a killer list of specialty brews (including state-wide bomber releases) to a revised list of seasonal beers (helloooo Prolonged Enjoyment!), we know we’ve picked our tastiest line up to date.

In fact, you can listen to our whole 2017 release schedule as sung by Braxton & Hicks (Joe Short & Seth Bernard).


Like the song says, we’re once again leaving one spot vacant for dedicated members of the Short’s-i-verse to fill using (drum roll please) the democratic process! That’s right, it’s time to get online and vote for our 2017 fan’s choice release. This year, we’ve narrowed the field by selecting a slate of candidates that exemplify the best that Short’s has to offer. We’ve got a beer for the hop heads, I Got 5 On It; an experimental brew, Mule Beer; a beer for the animal lover, Old Reliable; and a beer that our Southwest Liberator, Sean, just won’t give up on: the fabled Pineapple Pilsner.

Voting for the 2017 Fan’s Choice beer begins today, Monday, October 17th and will end at 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 6th, 2016. Each Short’s fan may vote once per day using the ballot below. The winner will be announced once the votes are tallied on Monday, November 7th.

While we can’t predict the outcome of the presidential election, we’re guaranteed one win this election season with the selection our 2017 Fan’s Choice brew. Vote now!

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