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Churchill’s of Flint Roundtable Road Trip Style

Flint town! We’re back and talking with one of the biggest craft beer enthusiasts the state has to offer, Bill Gravanis, the owner of Churchill’s Food & Spirits and The Red Baron,…

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We Speak with the Kings! From King Orchards

We’re back on the road with Short’s Cast and luckily we just have to drive about ten minutes up the road from our production facility in Elk Rapids. King Orchards…

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Roundtable discussion with Brewery Terra Firma

Short’s Cast is on-site at Brewery Terra Firma in Traverse City, Michigan to talk with Head Brewer and Owner John Niedermaier. You’ve heard of John before within the tales of…

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Speedcult Drinks Vintage Premium Lager, and You Should Too!

Speedcult, Speedcult, Speedcult!!! Do you know what the hell we’re talking about? Well you’re about to find out as Joe Short and Jesse Den Herder are on-site in New Boston,…

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Behind the Design

That’s right, it’s time to reveal the team that is responsible for all the crazy, beautiful, edgy designs that Short’s throws out in the world. Bridgett and Woj venture into…

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Keeping it Real with Ales on Cask

Time for a history lesson folks, a field trip, and a few current events when it comes to Casks and Real Ales. Word is that Short’s now carries Real Ales…

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We visit the Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Short’s was recently in downtown Flint for the Short’s on the Road tour. Flint is a major industrial town in the state of Michigan and it’s fallen on hard times,…

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Executive Director of the Michigan Brewers Guild Scott Graham

Bridgett and Woj finally have the chance to sit down and talk craft beer with the Executive Director of the Michigan Brewers Guild, Scott Graham. If you’ve listened to this…

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Ralph Whistler in the Flesh!

That’s right you’ve tried the beer, you’ve watched the YouTube videos, and now it’s time for Ralph Whistler to join the podcast world. If you don’t know the story of…

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City Park Grill & Short’s Roundtable

Bridgett and Woj head north to Petoskey to visit one of Short’s Brewing Company’s longtime accounts, City Park Grill. A historic restaurant in the heart of downtown Petoskey. You’ll hear…

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Short’s Gets Canned

Short’s has cans, shiny, fancy, and colorful new cans full of delicious Short’s beer. This is big news for us so Bridgett and Woj sit down with the men behind…

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Live Music Series: The Crane Wives

Pub manager and talent buyer Rob Lewis is back with another Live Music Series episode and we’re featuring The Crane Wives out of Grand Rapids. We were lucky to have the…

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