Flagship Series: Soft Parade

Well it’s about time Soft Parade takes a seat in the spotlight for our flagship beer series and we dive right in. We did talk about the story and nostalgia of The Soft Parade in episode two with Joe and Jack, but this episode breaks down the specs, costs, rumors, artwork, mistakes, and successes of how Soft Parade became Short’s Brewing Company’s top selling beer.

In our first segment Gillian Cobb sits down with Jon “Woj” Wojtowicz and Joe Short to talk about the story of Soft Parade. Joe does some myth busting and Woj brings his A game to discuss this brew by the numbers.

In our second segment Joe calls up Fritz Horstman, the artist who designed the Soft Parade label and gives us some isnight into the mystery woman laying on the lawn chair.

The music you’ll hear in this episode is from the band Stella!, who will be performing at the Pub in Bellaire on March 27th at 8pm. You’ll hear the songs “I Got A Feller” and “I Suppose.” You can purchase their album on their websitewww.thestellagirls.com.

The 11th Year Anniversary paryt is coming to the streets of downtown Bellaire this April. Last year was epic and this year plans are in place to kick it up a notch! Stay tuned to Short’s Cast and Short’s websitewww.shortsbrewing.com for more information