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Take yourself on a Michigan Beer Run

We won’t cross the line but that doesn’t mean you can’t! As the holiday season fast approaches, the thought of sharing a nice cold Michigan-only craft beer with friends and…

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Taste the Magic with Maple Bourbon Barrel Magician

Lots of action here. Lots of sweet slippery action. The power of persuasion is strong in this potion. Look over here, look over here, look over here….. No really, look…

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Ermagerd! Our latest specialty bottle release, a fantastically hoppy American India Pale Ale that goes by the name ERMAGERDNESS is hitting store shelves this week. ERMAGERDNESS (5.5% ABV – 84…

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Starcut Ciders Now Available in Bottles!

Starcut Ciders, a new division of Short’s Brewing Company, is now available on store shelves throughout the mitten state! Originally introduced at our pub in Bellaire, MI in the fall…

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Short’s in Barrels

If you’ve tried Bourbon Evil Urges or Bourbon Magician, then you know that Short’s has rocked the barrels a few times, but it’s time to step it up a bit. On…

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Tranquil Splendor, Noble Chaos

By now, you’ve probably noticed 12-packs of our favorite Oktoberfest brew, Noble Chaos, have trickled onto store shelves. First brewed at our pub in 2005 and at a particularly trying…

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Dive into a bottle of hops with Sticky Icky Icky

Do you need an IPA fix? Are you craving a truly hop-tastic experience? Have you found yourself wishing to be submersed in the tastiest, most aromatic Humulus lupulus flowers? Then…

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Short’s Fest 2015

Short’s Fest has come and gone but the audio lives on! This podcast was recorded during Short’s Fest on Saturday August 8th, 2015. Bridgett Beckwith hosts the show and is…

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Shakespeare’s Pub Roundtable with Ted Vadella

We’re back at the roundtable and dedicating another episode of Short’s Cast to highlighting a longtime Short’s account. Today, Ted Vadella, co-owner of Shakespeare’s Pub in Kalamazoo joins us via Skype….

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Change is Hard . . . The Short’s Pub Expansion

It wasn’t easy, but the Short’s pub expansion in Bellaire has been completed. Bridgett and Woj sit down with CEO Joe Short, Project Manager Chris Clore, and Head Chef Luke Meredith…

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Live Music Series: Breathe Owl Breathe

Welcome listeners to our third Live Music Podcast! We’re honored to have Northern Michigan’s own, Breathe Owl Breathe, made up of Micah Middaugh, Andrea Moreno-Beals, and Trevor Hobbs as guests on…

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A Tasty Tour at Empire Orchards & Hops Farm

As root vegetables, squash, and fresh, crisp Michigan apple’s make their way to market, we at Short’s have just enjoyed the harvest of one of our favorite crops – hops!…

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