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Space Rock Soars Through the Atmosphere

Several years ago Joe Short came into possession of what he believed to be a pretty average, old snowmobile.  Little did he know that this snowmobile had immeasurable travel potential….

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Your Nighttime Cup a Joe is Back

That’s right folks, brace yourselves. The winner of our Fan’s Choice Voting contest for both 2014 and 2015, Cup a Joe, is now back by popular demand! Made with roasted…

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Celebrate Winter with Good Humans and other friends

Good humans of the mitten state! We are happy to announce not one, but FIVE seasonal Short’s beers are now available on shelves throughout Michigan.  Yes, that’s right, both our…

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Light Up Your Taste buds with a Bottle of Juicy Tree

We’re starting the holiday countdown a little early this year at SBC.  Surrounded by a winter wonderland in both Elk Rapids and Bellaire, it seemed only too perfect to release…

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Snow Wheat Wonderland

As the last leaves fall and autumn wanes, we look forward to a blanket of crisp, clean snow to rejuvenate our well worn trails.  The first snow itself is a…

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Everyone Has Evil Urges

Everyone has evil urges, but when they tempt you to drink a beer this sumptuous, you’ll be happy you gave into temptation.  A sinfully decadent brew, Evil Urges is back…

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Whoooooooooo Wants a Six Pack of Lil’ Wheezy?

Like every fall, the hours of daylight in Northern Michigan are steadily decreasing, creating the perfect habitat for our nocturnal friend, the owl.  No longer forced to strain his eyes…

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Beard of Zeus, Nectar of the gods

If in the Greek tradition we consider Zeus to be the “Father of Gods and Men,” then his beard is surely the father of mere mortal brewers’ beards across the…

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From Field to Fermenter, Kind Ale Has Arrived

As the seasons start to change, And the sun begins to wane, The time has come for brewer fun, Mashing in a ton of love, Fresh and tasty, hoppy morsels,…

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Love in this Pub

This is a very special Valentines Day inspired episode of Short’s Cast. We bring in Jon Wojtowicz, Matt Drake, and Steve Ison to tell their stories of how they found…

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Short’s Cast Podcast Trailer

On Tuesday January 7th, 2014 we are releasing the first episode of our new podcast, Short’s Cast! You will be able to listen to this show by subscribing to it’s feed on…

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